About us

We build strong brands

Mainspring is a leading brand design consultancy. We work with you to create a compelling, authentic brand; and brand communication that is engaging and effective. We’ve been around since 1996 and have a highly experienced, cross-cultural team of strategic thinkers and creative designers.

Branding is our business not our buzzword. We say it like it is, no bullshit. We talk in plain English. Following the same advice we give our clients, we like to keep it simple.

Simple doesn’t mean we’re not rigorous. We look; we listen; we question; we debate. With you, we uncover the truths and ambitions for your business. Only with a deep understanding of the issues can we develop a brand strategy that motivates your people, connects with your customers delivers real business performance.

As you know, brand is more than a logo. We help you bring life to your brand. We do naming, visual identity, verbal identity, employee branding, rollout, marketing communication, employee communication and investor communication.

We’re independent and privately owned. Why does this matter? It means we place the needs of your shareholders ahead of the wants of ours.

We’re based in Sydney’s CBD. It’s home to many of our clients, but we work throughout Australia and beyond.

The way we see it

How can you maximise the value of your brand? Not just by changing your logo, that’s for sure.

A brand is more than a pretty logo. It’s the sum of the experience, attitudes, behaviours, competencies, aspirations and perceptions of everyone in the organisation. It’s a promise to your customers that they will consistently receive a certain quality of product or service. If you want to grow real brand value – value that delivers to the bottom line – you can’t impose change from outside. It must be organic, and the will to change must come from within. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be stimulated. In fact, that’s exactly where our expertise can pay dividends.

We start by helping you determine what makes your organisation unique. The next stage is to create a set of principles that define the brand.

The way your company presents itself, and the way it communicates itself to the world at large is an integral part of your brand. The physical process of conveying these characteristics is a matter of careful and thoughtful design.

We have developed a reputation for creative design work that not only supports and enhances the strength of your brand, but also contributes to your company’s competitive advantage. Put simply, our designs actually do a job of work and contribute to your bottom line.